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“David Brock S**t”

This post is going to be off the cuff because I just received some bad news. The Rob Taylor Report that has aired on KWRO (a subsidiary of Bicoastal Media) in Coos County has just been “canceled” (taken off the air).

Why? Because Rob dared to ask a few hard questions of our illustrious State Senator David Brock Smith (DBS). Rob has been clear since the beginning that he doesn’t kowtow to members of any party, including Republicans who tend to be our natural allies. Unfortunately, as many of us have been saying more and more often the last few years, the Republican party in general has been taken over by a bunch of ineffectual losers. RINO’s as we call them. Unfortunately, as DBS has just proven, they’re not just losers, but delicate snowflakes who would rather burn down the playhouse than answer to their constituents.

A short while ago, Rob began asking questions about DBS’ ties and political/business dealings relating to China. This stemmed from various people looking into the proposed wind energy farm off the coast of Coos County. This is what the field of journalism exists for (at least before they got in bed with the politicians). They call journalism the “Fifth Estate” for a reason. True journalism is meant to be unswayed by political party or corrupting influence. Rob is the loudest voice for this in Coos County.

Let me be clear, no one is accusing DBS of anything. These were hard questions that should have been easily answered by an upright representative of the people. Instead of answering those questions, DBS enlisted his follow politicians, including Court Boice and Virgle Osborne, in trying to smear Rob. These type of people claim that Republicans are their own worst enemy, but it is they who use their political clout to shut down a truly grassroots political show. One side says “please answer these questions” while the other says “no, I’m not going to, and just for asking I’m going to have you canceled”. Politicians like David Brock S**t are the problem here, not average citizens who want to enforce accountability.

Now, you might ask what political clout could DBS possibly use to get Rob taken off the air? All we know for sure at this point is that one of DBS’ major donors contacted KWRO and threatened a lawsuit for defamation. Defamation for asking questions? You’ve got to be joking. Isn’t it bad enough that we have to deal with “cancel culture” from the left? No, now our supposed allies are doing it as well.

What’s my position on all this? I’ll put it as bluntly as possible. The Republican Party is now controlled opposition. It should be burnt to…the…ground (figuratively of course). This may piss off some good friends of mine, but I don’t care. The party you support CANNOT be fixed. Party politics in general will be the death of this nation. Pull your heads out and stop supporting scumbags like David Brock S**t.

P.S. Contact info is below if you’d like to voice your displeasure with DBS, his pals or KWRO. Be nice.

Matt Wilbanks

Editor @

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