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Drive-by Journalism

Last updated on June 3, 2023

**UPDATE ON 1/17/2022 @ 1430**

David Rupkalvis, the Editor of The World, contacted me immediately after I requested a retraction based on my article below. He was completely honest that the article had major issues and decided to pull it from the website. He also asked to meet with our group to present our side of the issue. Definitely a nice surprise and kudos to him.


It’s no secret that I hold no love for The World Newspaper. Just like many small-town newspapers, they tend to regurgitate Associated Press articles most of the time. Whenever they do write an original piece, it tends to be either fluff or fake news. Unfortunately, the latter has struck again.

In an article titled “Police keeping an eye on Neighborhood Watch group“, they so badly butcher the truth that, not only am I demanding a retraction, but our local Commie, Cameron Langley (aka Kamryn Stringfield), even had to contact them to correct his quotes. You know it’s bad when both sides think an article is trash.

The most important issue relates to a response by Coos Bay Police Chief Chris Chapanar to public comment by Mr. Langley about the Coos County Neighborhood Watch. The article title itself is a lie. Chief Chapanar never said they were keeping an eye on us. The article also claims “Chief Chapanar told Stringfield and the Coos Bay City Council police are watching the group.” No, he didn’t. Finally it claims “Chapanar promised to monitor the group…“. Once again no, he didn’t. Those words never left his mouth and he said nothing that could be construed to mean that. Chief Chapanar simply said that he was “aware” of our group. Nothing more.

Additionally, when Julie Akins wrote this article for The World, she quoted directly from Mr. Langley when he made his baseless accusations against us, yet she didn’t even bother to reach out to either The Daily Resister or CCNW for comment. The only research she did was to read articles I had written about CCNW, which were all published well before the accusations were made on January 4th.

This isn’t journalism, it’s more like teenagers spreading rumors and calling it fact. For the record, here is the full transcript of Chief Chapanar’s response. Yes, I typed it up myself since The World couldn’t bother. Video of the City Council meeting is available here and his response begins at 27:20.

“I’ll just say that uh…we…I don’t think that it’s a result of us being stretched thin. There are factors that have been frustrating for those in the community including this…this group. We obviously…we don’t want to see vigilantism. We want to be the ones out there enforcing the law. Um…but…uh…they do have some Constitutional rights to do some things that we cannot stop them from doing. But again…um…we try to mitigate and communicate with them and let them know that if they did see something to be good witnesses and to notify us so that we could take enforcement actions. Um…so…um…you know we went to a meeting today, myself and the City Manager, which I think we…uh…began some discussions on long term solutions…uh…for the…uh…issues that we have been having in terms of repeat offenders because of a lack of an ability for us to remove them so…um…yah I understand your concerns…um…and we are aware of it but we are certainly working on that and it’s not something that we’re encouraging.”

(So you’re aware of this Chief?) “Yes.”

-Coos Bay Police Chief Chris Chapanar (from the City Council meeting on 1/4/2022)

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