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Freedom Faith Family Festival (full of f’n Fascists?)

Last updated on March 5, 2023

According to local Nobel Laureate Cameron Langley, the FFF Festival being held in Bandon on May 29th is really just a cover for a super secret Fascist movement in Coos County. At least that’s my interpretation of his moronic ramblings.

Rob Taylor is a Fascist. Rod Taylor is a Fascist. Joey Gibson is a Fascist. David Brock Smith is a Fascist. Unless of course you have even a basic understanding of where Fascism came from and what they believe, then you would understand that none of those guys are Fascists.

Do they believe is socialism/collectivism? No, but Fascists do.

Do they believe in corporatism? No, but Fascists do.

Do they believe in sacrificing the individual to the state? No, but Fascists do.

In fact, you couldn’t find a group of guys that were as little in support of Fascist ideology anywhere else in the world. Those guys and most of the people I know would be more than happy to sign up to go punch a Fascist in the face. Yet, the lies continue.

So, if you’d like to hang out with a bunch of Fascists, hear some good speakers and have a fun afternoon, come to Restoration Worship Center in Bandon, OR on May 29th from 11a-4p. More info below.


  1. Rinky Dinky Rinky Dinky June 8, 2021

    You are an idiot. I was there. It was about American freedom and faith. America is the greatest nation this world has ever known. A lot of families with kids were there. You must have been one of the four fuckoffs across the street.

    • Editor Editor Post author | July 31, 2021

      Did you even read the article? I’m for the event, not against it. I even helped them with setup and security. The title of the article was written in the form of a question because of the lies being spread by the local so-called “anti-fascists”. A little reading comprehension goes a long way.

  2. Rinky Dinky Rinky Dinky August 18, 2021

    Peace. I was not referring to the wonderful festival. I was referring to some Karen’s comment that is no longer here.

    • Editor Editor Post author | August 18, 2021

      Apologies, it seemed to be directed at the article. I’m the only one who approves comments and don’t remember seeing the one you mentioned. Thanks for commenting again.

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