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Gaslighting Coos County

Last updated on March 5, 2023

Our new neighborhood watch initiative has really angered the local totalitarians and they have stepped up their disinformation campaign. I’ve been meaning to write an article on “gaslighting” for some time, so here’s my opportunity.

When I originally heard the term I thought it was just another way to say “spotlighting”, as in highlighting something someone disagreed with. The real definition is much different. Gaslight is a 1944 Ingrid Bergman film, about a woman whose husband tries to drive her slowly insane by changing small things in their home while telling her she is imagining things when she notices them.

Totalitarian ideologies like Communism and Fascism adopted this tactic after the failures of Marxism. Marx felt his communistic utopia would arrive after a revolution by the proletariat threw off the yoke of the bourgeoisie. An Italian Communist, Antonia Gramsci, disagreed with Marx and felt that a violent revolution wouldn’t work. He advocated the slow takeover of cultural institutions in capitalist nations. One only has to look at what’s happened in the United States since WWII to know that Gramsci was correct. Totalitarian ideology first infested our education system, later moving on to politics and, most recently, our military.

Gaslighting can also be traced back to the Fabian Society in England, whose two logos were a turtle (representing incrementalism) and a wolf in sheep’s clothing (representing the lies they used to advance “Democratic Socialism”).

Unfortunately, gaslighting has come to Coos County in recent years and is being used by a small, but vocal, minority to attack anyone who stands up to them. The most common claim is that we are all a bunch of Fascists. Never mind the fact that we hate Fascism, disagree with all it’s principles, and if it were December 7th, 1941, would be the first to sign up to go to Europe and punch a Nazi in the face. Inconvenient facts such as this mean nothing to totalitarians and lunatics who live in a world of lies.

Speaking of lunatics who live in a world of lies, Cameron Langley (aka Kamryn Stringfield) sent his latest letter to The World Newspaper (yup, I deadnamed and misgendered you Cameron, get over it). In it, he calls various people Fascists six different times. He also claims that we “shut down a Coos County Board of Commissioners meeting with threats to show up at commissioners houses” which is a blatant lie. I’ve debunked the “threats” claim surrounding that meeting before on this website. He adds to the lie by not only claiming threats were made, but specifically that we threatened to show up at commissioners’ houses. It never happened Cameron, you’re delusional.

His next lie is claiming that Citizens Restoring Liberty from Bandon was founded by “DC insurrectionists”. Not only was what happened on January 6th 2021 not an insurrection, the group founder he is referring to, Rod Taylor, never went into the capitol and was not charged with anything related to that event. Rod was arrested later that evening in Washington D.C. for violating curfew when he walked across the street from his hotel to speak to a police officer about some information he wanted the police to have. Yup, what a dangerous insurrectionist he is.

The third lie is when he claims that Rob Taylor “called for 200 armed men to show up at the North Bend School Board meetings”. Notice that word “armed”? Rob never said it. The exact quote from Rob was “I want 200, 300 people to show up to the school board meeting, this is the fight” when he was referring to our fight against the teaching of Critical Race Theory in local schools. You know how I know Cameron is lying? Cause I was at the meeting in which Rob said this. Someone named “Coos Bay Patriot” even used video of this meeting to attack Rob. It’s still right here on his Youtube channel so you can see for yourself. The liars can’t even be bothered to get their stories straight before they spread disinformation.

You see how the gaslighting begins? They repeat these lies over and over and over again, and eventually uninformed people start believing them. This is know as the “Big Lie” and was popularized by Adolf Hitler and his Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. Wait one damn minute! Am I bashing Fascism? How could this be since Cameron says we are “literal Fascists“? Sorry sorry! Those facts keep getting in my way.

Oh by the way, the main goal of Cameron’s letter was to get The Rob Taylor Report removed from the air. He even started a petition and enlisted the support of the Waterfall Clinic in Coos Bay to try to take Rob down. The Waterfall Clinic told KWRO Radio that if they didn’t pull Rob off the air, they would remove all their advertising dollars. Apparently the clinic was angry that Citizens Restoring Liberty had called them out for their vaccination buses at local schools. The only problem is, Rob had nothing to do with that. Ultimately, Cameron’s attempt went down like the Hindenburg because the radio station owner and Rob’s other advertisers basically said “piss off”. Better luck next time.

If you’d like a more in depth examination of gaslighting, particularly in relation to Critical Theory, I’d direct you to the work of Dr. James Lindsay and his collaboration with the Sovereign Nations channel on Youtube. The first two videos in their series “The Great Gaslight” can be seen below.

Gaslighting is used, not only to destroy people’s reputations, but to sneak totalitarian ideology into our cultural institutions. Critical Theory is one of the main ideas being pushed, whether it is Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory or any other form. In our fight against CRT being taught in public schools, we’ve been repeatedly told that it isn’t being taught. They claim that CRT is a graduate level course and would never be taught to school children. This is a form of gaslighting, because they know full well that the principles being taught in CRT courses are absolutely being applied to the lower grade levels (practical application of Critical Race Theory aka Critical Race Praxis). They use one speck of truth to make you believe a much larger lie. Dr. Lindsay goes into great detail about this in his videos.

The truly “big lie” about Critical Theory in general is that it just means to critically examine social constructs. If this were the truth, we would all be for it. Nothing a human ever does is perfect, and it should always be examined to see if it can be improved. However, Critical Theory is closely related to Hegelian Dialectic which uses the “Thesis…Antithesis…Synthesis” process to examine and supposedly improve things. Dialectic is one of those ideas that sounds reasonable and scientific at first glance, but is really just nonsense. The “art” of dialectic began in Ancient Greece, but even they later grew to think of it as a joke. Immanuel Kant, who is usually revered by leftists, even said that to the ancients “it was nothing but the logic of illusion. It was a sophistic art of giving to one’s ignorance, indeed even to one’s intentional tricks, the outward appearance of truth, by imitating the thorough, accurate method which logic always requires, and by using its topic as a cloak for every empty assertion.”

Hegel of course leads us to Marx, which leads us to Antonio Gramsci and we’re right back in 2021 being gaslit by Communists. Incidentally, Mr. Langley is an admitted Communist. He makes no bones about it and frequently posts about Marx and other Communist philosophers on his Facebook page. He accuses us of being Fascists even though we’ve never said one positive thing about Fascism, yet he is an admitted Communist and no one seems to care. The sad truth is, modern totalitarianism has become a hybrid of Communism and Fascism. They use gaslighting and Critical Theory to take control, but the end state we have arrived at looks more like Fascist Italy than Communist Russia.

I think I can speak for myself and everyone I engage with politically, that we want nothing to do with any ideology that elevates the state above the individual. So take your gaslighting and shove it.

(RETRACTION on 12/22/2021: Spelling in the article was corrected from “Camryn” to “Cameron”)

-Matthew Wilbanks (Editor @


  1. Rob Taylor Rob Taylor December 21, 2021

    Damn good work and thank you for setting the record straight.

  2. Not Always PC Not Always PC December 21, 2021

    Can’t love this commentary enough! Thanks for debunking all the lies and rumors!

  3. Jody Hoffman Jody Hoffman December 21, 2021

    I see that long haired tranny working at Walmart everyday. At least he has a job now. Maybe reality will set in for that boy someday. 🙏

  4. Julie Griffin Julie Griffin December 21, 2021

    Great article thank you for writing it and sharing the truth!

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