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Go F**k Yourself

Last night, Oregon State Representative Court Boice sent me an email asking to have a face to face meeting regarding the controversy of the Rob Taylor Report being canceled.

I hadn’t had a chance to decide whether I wanted to do that or not when I woke up to another email from him. I’ll paste it here below…

This is exactly the kind of response I expected from a mealy-mouthed political hack. Court is apparently too dumb to even give his “carrot” from yesterday a chance to work before he sends out the “stick”.

You’ll notice that nowhere does he actually try to respond to the criticisms we had of our representative failing to answer simple questions from his constituents. He didn’t respond because he can’t. He owes his position to David Brock Smith and other RINO’s so he’s carrying their water. Obfuscate obfuscate obfuscate! Spin spin spin!

My article will be used by the Portland radicals? How dare you you traitorous piece of shit? Your buddy David Brock Smith just got the most effective activist for our side in southern Oregon taken off the air cause he got his feelings hurt. Rob and the grassroots movement we have here in Coos County has done more for liberty in the past few years than you could dream of doing in your entire career. You are part of a dying paradigm. Everyone else seems to know it except you archaic swamp creatures that are so buried in the system you’ve become blinded by it.

I generally don’t like to be intentionally vulgar, but when I see a response like the one Court sent me it just makes me want to respond in as plain and clear terms as I can…

Court? Go…fuck…yourself.

Matt Wilbanks

Editor @

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