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If you don’t lie, you won’t have to remember what you said.

Last updated on June 3, 2023

The problem with lying is remembering what you said later on. Unfortunately for one member of the Executive Team at the Waterfall Community Health Center, this lesson was never learned.

In my recent article “Gaslighting Coos County” I mentioned how the Waterfall clinic tried to get The Rob Taylor Report taken off the air by threatening to cancel their advertising dollars with BiCoastal Media. In response, Lance Nelson who is the Chief Innovation Officer at the clinic as well as a licensed counselor, commented on a related post in What’s Happening Coos County on Facebook. Let’s see what he has to say…

Lance makes two claims about his reasons for discontinuing advertising with BiCoastal Media. First, that the decision had nothing to do with the petition to take Rob off the air. The petition in question was posted mid-day on December 1st, 2021. This is confirmed because the group who made the petition also posted about it on their Facebook page at exactly 12:00pm that day.

I’ve also obtained a copy of the e-mail sent by Lance to BiCoastal Media. The e-mail was sent on December 1st, 2021 at 10:22am. Frankly, it’s hard to believe this is a coincidence. The content of the complaint is basically the same as the petition, even using similar terminology.

Once you read the above complaint you will, of course, notice the more serious issue. In Lance’s post from WHCC, he claimed “I made zero demands about removing the Rob Taylor report”. Unfortunately for Lance, his e-mail to BiCoastal Media says otherwise. Let’s blow it up even bigger so people can see it…

Another thing that Lance missed is that complaints to FCC regulated radio stations are kept in a permanent file that is open to the public. You’re all welcome to contact BiCoastal Media to confirm what he sent them.

Given that Mr. Nelson is a state certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and National Certified Counselor (NCC), I would imagine that lying in public (directly related to his licensed practice) in an effort to disenfranchise someone else could be seen as professional misconduct and might be in violation of his licensing requirements. How can a person be trusted to provide personal counseling to at-risk individuals when he can’t even tell the truth?

I would also question whether Mr. Nelson has the authority to cancel all that advertising. He is one of four members of the Executive Team at a non-profit with a Board of Directors overseeing them. Perhaps he cleared this with someone else, perhaps not. As he states in his complaint, they advertised with BiCoastal Media due to their support of suicide prevention programs. I guess all that gets thrown out the window cause one radio host doesn’t bow down to censorship.

Another article that bears on this issue is entitled “Over 15 Instances of Rob Taylor’s bigotry and hatred.” It appears to have been published anonymously, but our guess is it was written by Mr. Langley. He has an obvious obsession with Mr. Taylor and has been known to listen to his radio show just to drum up evidence against him. This article is filled with such items. The great majority of them are nothing close to harassment and just statements by Mr. Taylor of his personal beliefs.

One accusation in particular needs to be addressed because it ties directly back into the e-mail that Mr. Nelson wrote to BiCoastal Media.

This comment is obviously callous but still falls squarely within our freedom of speech. It was not even said to Mr. Anderson directly and was in no way a threat or harassment. Political speech is often callous. We are called Fascists all day long and have no intention of stifling someone else’s ability to make that claim, however wrong it is. You could even tell us to “suicide” ourselves and we wouldn’t care one bit.

However, this suicide comment was used deceptively by Mr. Nelson. In the paragraph from his letter where he is speaking about “attacking the LGBTQ community”, he says that “One of Mr. Taylor’s guests also encouraged a community member to kill himself to improve the community, which was seen as funny by Mr. Taylor.” He fails to mention that this comment wasn’t about an LGBTQ person at all, but rather a cisgender white male. I would argue that Mr. Nelson intentionally used this comment out of context to make it appear that Mr. Taylor was telling LGBTQ people to kill themselves.

Finally, in several posts by Mr. Langley on his Facebook page, he never disputes the connection between the petition and Mr. Nelson’s complaint. He comments on everything else, but not that. Frankly, even if it was a coordinated effort between multiple groups, I couldn’t care less. People are allowed to work together to further a political goal. Our side does it all the time. Our issue is with the lies and their use of “cancel culture” to attack anyone who disagrees with them.

We encourage anyone who finds this type of behavior objectionable to contact the Waterfall clinic and let them know. Their phone number is 541-756-6232 or use the website below…

(CORRECTION on 12/25/2021: All advertising was with other stations owned by BiCoastal media, not KWRO. Article changed to reflect this.)

-Matthew Wilbanks (Editor @


  1. Hezekiah Hezekiah December 25, 2021

    If you want to learn some interesting history go look up The pink swastika homosexuality in the Nazi party and also go look up the homosexual manifesto it’s been around since the 1980s.

  2. Joe Wilson Joe Wilson December 26, 2021

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I live in an adjoining county to Coos County.

    It is my understanding that the Coos County government is giving tax payer money to the Waterfall Community Health Center. It is my opinion that any organization that receives tax payers money should not be promoting the denial of our first amendment rights of free speech and the press. I hope the good citizens of Coos County who support our first amendment rights are active in making their elected county officials aware that Coos County should not be giving tax dollars to such an organization.

    I just contacted one of my county officials to see if my county is giving money to the Waterfall Community Health Center. If I find that my county is giving any tax payer money to the Waterfall Community Health Center, I intend to start working immediately to end such a practice of supporting an anti -first amendment organization.

    I would recommend anyone from any other county in Oregon to also to find out if their county is funding Waterfall Community Health Center and if you support our first amendment rights as I do, to join me in working to not give tax payers money to the Waterfall Community Health Center.


    Joe Wilson
    Gold Beach, OR

    • Editor Editor Post author | December 26, 2021

      Thank you Joe.

  3. Julia Clabault Julia Clabault April 18, 2022

    WOW! Matthew let me say first that I really like your enthusiasm for the subjects you speak on, and your stamina to research and uncover gritty details that take a lot of perseverance, dedication, as well as time to find, and effort to comprise in your articles.

    Since you appreciate when people are honest and admit they did not use professional journalism is writing an article e.g. retraction request of the article entitled “Police keeping an eye on Neighborhood Watch group“ for errors in content and failure to directly interview and get clarification from the source that is being written about prior to printing an article, I would have to point out you are guilty of of the same behavior your criticize by not speaking to Lance Nelson from the Waterfalls Clinic or South Coast Oregon Pride before writing your article.

    Lance Nelson letter could have been worded differently to not leave himself wide open for a bystander to suggest that his stated affirmative actions moving forward would be to withdraw the gifting of the clinic’s annual contributions of $19, 200 to BiCoastal Media based on their affiliation and promotion of the Rob Taylor Show which does not align with Waterfalls Clinic core values to fosters compassionate mental and physical free health care to all community members.

    It is irrelevant of the timing of Lance Nelson’s letter. But your focus was that it arrived at the same time South Coast Oregon Pride presented an opposition petition for the appalled and vile things that are promoted by Rob Taylor. South Coast Oregon Pride is about fostering hope and support to at risk youths and adults, and promotes understanding through education and collaboration to help others foster compassion towards our diverse humanity.

    Even if people want to censor Rob Taylor for the horrible things he spews it can not be done due to his right to continue to try to divide a community by his toxic means because of the 1st Amendment allowing freedom of speech.

    The Waterfalls Clinic and South Coast Oregon Pride have the same right to state they oppose Rob Taylor’s views and take action to no longer give money to those who promote and allow Rob Taylor a platform to continue his divisive tactics that hurt a community rather than unites us.

    I feel you should have spoken directly to Lance Nelson from the Waterfalls Clinic and to South Coast Oregon Pride to hear directly from them why they are so upset with Rob Taylor prior to writing your article promoting people to protest against two organizations that offer free compassionate services that help a healthy community thrive.

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