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Sick of the Lies

Last updated on March 5, 2023

The below was submitted to The World Newspaper as a letter to the editor on 8/29/2021 and is in response to the letter from Jerry Wells dated 8/28/2021.

I am sick to death of the lies and exaggerations being spread around about the Coos County Commissioners meeting on 8/17/2021. First, Commissioner Melissa Cribbins made a Facebook live video claiming that she was threatened at the meeting and felt unsafe. It took nearly a week for PEG Broadcasting to post the video of the meeting, although clips from it were provided to local media outlets almost immediately. I urge everyone to go watch this video. I was there, and I’ve watched it multiple times since. Commissioner Cribbins was not threatened. She is a liar.

Now, Jerry Wells has written his own letter condemning the events at the meeting. In his letter he states, “Nobody was there to protect the commissioners and it very well could of broke out into complete chaos”. Jerry Wells is also a liar. Coos County Sheriff Craig Zanni and CCSO Captain Gabriel Fabrizio were at the meeting the entire time. If they had sensed any danger to the Commissioners, I’m sure they would have stepped in.

Many of the attendees were from the Citizens Restoring Liberty group in Bandon. The group’s mission statement reads:

We specifically reject any principles of racial supremacy or violence of any kind.

To claim that this group of people intended violence on Commissioners Cribbins and Sweet without a shred of evidence is disingenuous at the least, pure propaganda at the worst.

Mr. Wells also lied when he stated, “The preacher from Bandon got to the microphone and started a 15-minute Bible class”. The entire meeting only lasted 15 minutes. Pastor Dan only spoke for a few minutes of this. He was called to speak first because he was the first person to sign the clipboard for public comment. Mr. Wells then stated, “I for one did not go to that meeting for a Bible class”.

I regret to inform Mr. Wells that this is the United States and luckily we still have freedom of speech. He’s more than welcome to sign up to speak next time. I’ll be glad to sit and listen to his lies.

-Matthew Wilbanks (Editor @

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