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Sometimes you just have to poke the bear

Last updated on March 5, 2023

On Black Friday, some friends and I decided to dress up as Kyle Rittenhouse to counter-protest some idiots who think he should have been sent to jail for the rest of his life. We didn’t know how many would show up on their side, but it was even more pathetic than we expected. Our eight stood across the street from their three, yes, I said three.

We weren’t there to engage with the other side, after all it’s a dumb idea to get into an argument with someone when you’re carrying an AR-15. We were there to “poke the bear” as they say. Sometimes idiocy just begs to be countered with scorn and contempt, and believe me, we have nothing but scorn and contempt for people who want to destroy the right of self-defense in this country just to bolster their nonsense notion of “equity”.

As expected, our group received the lions share of honks, waves and other support. Sure, we got flipped off and yelled at a few times, but they were in the minority. One lady actually walked up to us, asked us why we were there and why we were carrying “submachineguns”. We politely explained we were there to support Kyle Rittenhouse and talked to her for a few minutes about guns.

To the anti-gunners reading this, I’m not going to even bother trying to change your mind. You’ve already made it up, and frankly, I don’t give a shit. To those who might consider yourself our ally, but think our display was in poor taste, grow a spine. The people who founded this country would look down on you with disgust.

There is a very small minority here that want things to be like Portland or Eugene. We stood on that corner to let them know that isn’t going to happen. Politics is many times a battle of wills. I guarantee ours is stronger.

Finally, I’d like to address a letter to the editor of The World Newspaper that was just posted today. It was from the illustrious Sharon Ramirez who, if you know this area, has been championing progressive nonsense for years. Her newest rant is a real gem.

Letter: Not Eating in Coos Bay

Apparently Sharon thinks that boycotting local restaurants cause they won’t stand up to us “gun-toting riffraff” is a smart endeavor. Never mind that none of the restaurants had knowledge of or anything to do with it. Never mind that neither they nor local government has one bit of authority to stop us from exercising our Constitutional rights. No, she wants to throw a temper tantrum like a three-year-old. But isn’t that how most progressives act? If they can’t have it exactly the way they want it, no one gets to have any fun.

On the other hand, maybe we should let her have her way. If she and her lunatic friends can somehow convince some government official to try and stop us, I’d find plenty of ways to use the millions of dollars we would win in the civil rights lawsuit.

Sharon closes by saying that she will now order more off of Amazon and only eat out in North Bend. You know, I was scouting locations for our next open carry demonstration, and the corner of Virginia and 101 looks marvelous, just marvelous. Sorry Sharon, you might have to drive to Bandon for lunch.

-Matthew Wilbanks (Editor @


  1. Jane doe fish Jane doe fish November 30, 2021

    Bad ass

    • Ed Ed December 5, 2021

      What’s it like being a washed up Threeper. Do you have to send your wife into town for food and ammo?

  2. Jane Doe Jane Doe December 4, 2021

    I love the idea.

  3. Fucksharon Fucksharon December 10, 2021


  4. Stew Stew December 10, 2021

    Good on you! I’m proud of every one of you and you have my support! Hope to see more peaceful demonstrations like this in the future!!! The city was safer on this day due to you brave red-blooded Americans! Keep exercising those rights!!!

  5. Jane doe Jane doe December 11, 2021

    I love this. It’s our god damn giving right to bare arms and fight for something like that I stand with you

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