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The CRT web grows deeper…

Last updated on March 5, 2023

On October 4th, Attorney general Merrick Garland sent a letter to the Department of Justice regarding those who have been taking local school boards to task over teaching of principles from Critical Race Theory. Actual threats have occurred (and are detrimental to our cause) but it’s clear that the DoJ is being directed to treat fed-up average citizens as domestic terrorists. Heck, our local group was accused of threatening two County Commissioners even though no such threats occurred.

Now, a couple different news outlets have released information that Garland’s daughter is married to the founder and president of Panorama Education, a company pushing “diversity, equity and inclusion” (CRT) to “over 13 million students in 21,000 schools, 1,500 districts, and 50 states”.

AG Merrick Garland’s Daughter Married to Co-Founder of Education Company Selling Critical Race Theory Resource Material to School Districts

Before Investigating Anti-CRT Parents, Garland May Want to Address This Conflict of Interest

The Market Ticker – So Mr. Jackass (Garland) [Or Is That Heh *******!]

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” Me thinks AG Garland got some splainin’ to do!

Seriously folks, this is the kind of stuff going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. I’m more informed and more suspicious than most American’s, yet this stuff still manages to surprise me. Even more interesting is that there was apparently some sort of threat against the North Bend School Board related to their meeting tomorrow night at 6pm. I’ve been told the meeting will now be virtual only and that the FBI may have even been contacted. Sound like concocted nonsense to anyone else?

With this new information, the thing I’d really like to know is, does Panorama Education have any connection to the North Bend School District? Or possibly the Oregon Department of Education? I did some quick investigating, and the only thing I could find linking Panorama with ODE was this document:

Student Educational Equity Development Survey (SEED Survey) District Test Coordinator

If you check this Google search, you’ll see several other references on to Panorama and these SEED Surveys. If you’re an educator and have experience with how they are being used, pleased contact me at I looked through the sample SEED surveys they provide and didn’t see anything related to CRT, but I’d still like more info.

Another way in which this connects to the North Bend School District is described in the first article above from The Conservative Treehouse. That article has a screenshot from Panorama’s website with the following commentary:

“Yes, Merrick Garland’s daughter is married to the founder of the company who helps schools, teachers and staff deal with the modern challenges of “systemic racism” by “reimagining” the way to social learning “through an equity lens”. As you have seen in the linguistic judo presented by the education material providers in the past, that’s exactly what CRT education materials are about.”

Does the “through an equity lens” phrase seem familiar? It should, it was used in NBSD Resolution 2020-09 that I talked about yesterday. Let me quote that as well:

“we commit to using an equity lens for all future curriculum adoptions and course development”

That is your school board channeling CRT buzzwords just one year ago. Clear enough yet?

On another note, I found an excellent resource for fighting CRT in your local school district. These two documents are from Citizens for Renewing America. They provide guides such as Combatting Critical Race Theory in Your Community and Model School Board Language to Prohibit Critical Race Theory.

Keep up the fight!

-Matthew Wilbanks (Editor @


  1. Jane doe fish Jane doe fish October 9, 2021

    Good article man..thanks

  2. Doe Jane Doe Jane October 9, 2021

    You are “in touch” and “one smart cookie” as we said in the old days…

    I appreciate your commentaries and information…

    Keep it coming Matt!

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