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This is NOT what real science looks like

Last updated on March 5, 2023

The amount of incomplete and/or manipulated data regarding COVID-19 that has been passed off recently in Coos County as “science” is simply staggering. Let’s take a look at some of it.

Does everyone remember the scientific method? You know, “Observe, hypothesize, test”? If not, you may be:

  1. A product of public education in the last 40 years
  2. A Progressive
  3. A “journalist”
  4. Dr. Eric Gleason, Deputy Director of Coos Health & Wellness

Oh well, we can’t all be perfect. Since I picked on Eric, let’s look at his BS first. KCBY recently published an article based on information, including a graph, provided by Dr. Gleason.

Since this article is almost completely based on his graph, let’s take a look at that:

Now, I don’t have the source data for this graph, but for the sake of argument I’m going to accept the numbers at face value. This thing is so bad, all we need is the graph itself. The first issue is what is known as “Correlation vs. Causation”. A simple example of bad correlation are people who hear a Rooster crow, then assume that he caused the sun to come up. Just because two things appear linked, doesn’t mean they are. Causation on the other hand is MUCH harder to prove, that’s why it’s the gold standard for science. When you prove causation, you have the hard data that shows one thing caused another. To his credit, I believe Eric even admitted this recently. Too bad it didn’t stop him from relying only on correlation in his graph. Let’s look at a couple examples:

The large drop in cases in April 2021 is labeled “with masks and vaccinations, cases plummet”. Okay, so we have two points of correlation here. Do you see the problem though? The cases were also low in November 2020 but spiked in December 2020. If he is going to claim the masks lowered the case count, he also has to claim that masks were ineffective the year before. There is correlation in the graph both ways. We were under mask mandates at both times. But both can’t be true.

Next, let’s look specifically at his claim that vaccinations were also responsible for the drop in April 2021. As I said before, there is correlation. But wait! He then claims that lack of vaccinations caused the huge spike we are having in August 2021. How can vaccinations cause cases to go down, but then four months later, when vaccination rates are even higher, cause them to go back up again? Sure, our vaccination rates in Coos County are low compared to the average, but you can’t have it both ways. His own graph proves his assumptions are incorrect.

Hold on! It gets better! The best stuff here is what ISN’T labeled on the graph. Let’s go back to the spike that started in December 2020 and lasted through March 2021. If one were to describe December through March in say… medical terms, what would you call it? FLU SEASON. So, instead of drawing the much stronger correlation of case counts to flu season, Eric blames it on lack of masks and low vaccination rate.

Let’s talk about one more damning piece of evidence against this graph. The huge spike we are experiencing right now is being blamed (by pretty much everyone) on the COVID-19 Delta variant. One thing you might have remembered hearing is that later variants of a virus have a tendency to be much more contagious but much less deadly. Meaning, wayyyy more people get sick, but less people die or have serious symptoms. You might have also heard (even from the creators of these vaccines) that Delta is most likely resistant to them. That is a much more plausible explanation for the spike, yet Dr. Gleason again relies on a correlation that he provides no other data to support.

In the above KCBY article, Eric also claims, “This is primarily the unvaccinated population” when referring to the cases in the current spike. Hmm… I’ve got an article for that too:

Yah yah, it’s Infowars, get over it. Their article is based on a piece of evidence they received directly from the CDC. They have a photo of the document in the article. Read it for yourself. To summarize, unvaccinated doesn’t actually mean unvaccinated. Wait, you’re confused? That’s cause you’re supposed to be. When reporting CDC data, the media and pretty much every public health department in the country (including Eric’s employer) just uses the word “unvaccinated” with no further explanation. The problem is, for purposes of COVID-19, they changed the definition of the word. The CDC document defines unvaccinated as “unvaccinated <14 days receipt of the first dose of a 2-dose series or 1 dose of the single-dose vaccine or if no vaccination registry data were available.”

So, if you got the vaccine 13 days ago but just tested positive for COVID-19 today, you get counted as UNVACCINATED! That means their claims that anti-vaxxers are causing this spike is completely unprovable. Their data is tainted, it’s BS, smoke and mirrors. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to jail. Whatever you do, do NOT look at the man behind the curtain. He looks strangely like this:

Or maybe like this:

I have time for one more article and it’s the perfect one to wrap up this whole fake science enchilada.

Sorry, I couldn’t find a photo of Dr. Bukhosi Dube, but he’s apparently a “Senior Advisor” with the Oregon Health Authority. Doctor Dube “dubiously” (see what I did there?) claims that the current case surge would be higher if it weren’t for the masks we’re all wearing. WAIT ONE! Didn’t Doctor Eric claim the case spike was because we weren’t wearing masks or getting vaccinated enough? You see, it’s perfectly okay for one Doctor to claim one thing, and another to claim the exact opposite. Because SCIENCE!

I really love this article because Dr. Dube actually admits the issues with correlation vs. causation. They also flatly state that there is “no real data” to show what would have happened if we didn’t wear masks. None of that matters though, because Dr. Dube is “confident” the numbers would be higher.

People, THIS IS NOT SCIENCE, ITS MANIPULATION OF DATA. Please stop listening to these fools.

-Matthew Wilbanks (Editor @

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