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Want to know what Fascism is? Go to the source.

Last updated on March 5, 2023

The article below is a letter to the editor of The World Newspaper. It was written in response to a previous letter that was published on their website. It also serves as a companion piece to my article from yesterday entitled “The Doctrine of Fascism”.

Charles Kraebel, in his letter dated 7/31, opined that people have a “fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of Fascism”. The attributes he lists are close in some areas, yet way off base in others. Go to the source, I say.

In “The Doctrine of Fascism”, Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile lay out the specific tenets of Fascism. I’ve broken these down in a much longer article on my website,, but a Fascist State is primarily:

-Spiritualistic (the State as Religion)
-Collectivistic yet Right wing
-Revolutionary & Progressive

Mr. Kraebel also uses “The Paradox of Tolerance” as envisioned by philosopher Karl Popper to justify intolerance of Fascism. He conveniently leaves out the fact that Popper was an Austrian who dabbled in Marxism as a young man and later rejected it because of its violence. Popper also lived through the rise of Fascism. A simple read of the Wikipedia article on Popper will show that he was a critic of all totalitarian ideologies, not just Fascism.

The idea that Marxism is Left wing and Fascism Right wing is utter nonsense. They are both totalitarian ideologies. Mussolini was an avowed Marxist in his younger years. He created Fascism as a response to the parts of Marxism that he felt were not practical. He makes this claim multiple times throughout “The Doctrine of Fascism”. Go read it and learn.

It would behoove Mr. Kraebel to do a bit more reading and not cherry pick ideas which he believes support his claims.

**EDIT 8/14/2021** The World Newspaper published my letter at:

-Matt Wilbanks (Editor @

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