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Where the hell have you been?

Last updated on March 5, 2023

Your (not so) humble editor has returned, but where HAVE I been? Well, sometimes life throws you change-up, which means you have to learn to hit the bendy stuff. I had some major life changes I had to deal with, thus the lack of updates. The important part is, I’m now 100% free to do whatever I want.

After dealing with the personal stuff, I took some time off to travel. I did a 3500 mile round trip to the Grand Canyon and various other National Parks. I spent some time with my parents. Most interestingly, I now live in a van.

“My name is Matt (not Foley), I’m 38 years old, divorced and live in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER!”


Yes, my life has become an SNL skit. But it’s okay cause I’m having fun. I still have several other trips planned, including a doozy all the way across the United States on Highway 20, the longest road in America. None of that really has anything to do with this site though, except for the fact I can now go and do political stuff wherever and whenever I want. I’m currently back in Coos County to assist with and attend the “Freedom Faith Family Festival” being held in Bandon on May 29th. Check out my other post for more information on that.

Where do we go from here? Well, my mobile nature means I will be able to focus on issues across Oregon rather than mostly Coos County. I still consider this my home base, but all Oregonians still have to deal with Fuhrer Brown and her minions, so why not spread the love?

See you in the trenches.

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  1. h. renell h. renell May 25, 2021

    I met a few years ago, a gentleman who traveled all over the U.S. doing poetry readings. His home base was the East Coast, but he loved coming to Oregon on Hwy 20. That is also the highway I came through when I moved to Oregon.

    I have faith and hope that things are fixing to change for the better here in Oregon.

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