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Another (shorter) letter to the North Bend School Board regarding Critical Race Theory

Last updated on March 5, 2023

On September 28th, 2021, I wrote a letter to you regarding Critical Race Theory. Since the issue is now being discussed again, I will try to summarize my position in a shorter format.

Critical Race Theory is often described by its proponents as a specific college level course which is not being taught to students in a given school district. Although correct (on the surface), these people fail to understand or admit that the applied elements of this course ARE being taught in many of our schools. This is described by Dr. James Lindsay as “Critical Race Praxis”.

Critical Race Praxis | The Great Gaslight, Ep. 1 | James Lindsay & Michael O’Fallon

Critical Race Praxis and the Weakness of Liberals

The following ideas (grown from CRT and related academic theories) most definitely ARE being pushed in Oregon schools, and were specifically used in NBSD Resolution 2020-09.


-Systemic Racism


-Critically Analyzing

-Racial Justice

As Dr. Lindsay states in the videos above, these terms sound completely reasonable on the surface, but they do not mean what you think they mean. Critical Theory and all it’s children hide ideology inside disarming terminology. Put bluntly, you are being lied to and you don’t even know it.

I am writing to you in support of a resolution against the teaching of these and all other CRT related principles. Anyone endorsing the terminology above is either ignorant or using a Trojan Horse to hide their own racism. I will not tolerate this ideology in my community.

-Matthew Wilbanks (Editor @


  1. Jane doe fish Jane doe fish November 16, 2021

    Right on 👨man

  2. Rob Rob November 16, 2021

    That was 5 paragraphs of fucking brilliance.

  3. Mike Mike November 16, 2021

    Well stated and inarguably fact.

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