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Can you refuse the new COVID-19 “vaccines”?

I was reading a discussion on the new COVID-19 “vaccines” from Pfizer and Moderna on the forum over at (specifically this post and this post) and thought I would share it here.

This is most applicable to those whose employers may try to force them to take either vaccine. Since neither has been officially approved by the FDA, they are both being dispensed under an FDA emergency use declaration. Basically, the FDA admits they didn’t have time to do their normal clinical trials but have approved the vaccines for use due to the severity of the pandemic.

This comes with one caveat not normally associated with a vaccine. Both emergency use declarations include an EUA (End User Agreement) which states that the person getting the vaccine has every right to refuse.

I’m no lawyer, but I would agree with Tickerguy’s analysis that an employer forcing you to take a vaccine on penalty of termination would run afoul of the EUA. Imagine if your employer forced you to get the vaccine, threatened to fire you if you didn’t, then you had an adverse reaction? That smells like a recipe for a huge lawsuit to me, especially since there have been many documented cases of adverse reactions already.

Whether you trust the FDA or not, their lengthy approval process exists for a reason. These vaccines were given emergency approval after just a tiny bit of that process. The info above is something to consider if you find yourself in situation where your employer is trying to force you to take something you don’t want. It’s also a great argument for if the government decides to try to make the vaccines mandatory in the future. I will link the two Pfizer and two Moderna documents below. Each contain the EUA.



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