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Coos County Commissioners Must Go

Last updated on March 5, 2023

I recently attended the Coos County Commissioners meeting on 8/3/2021. Along with many other people, I spoke out against forced masking of children as well as administering the COVID-19 “vaccine” to children as young as 12 without their parents consent.

Commissioner Bob Main is the only one in the past who has shown any interest researching topics related to COVID-19. This meeting started off differently, with Commissioner Melissa Cribbins reading a letter signed by all three Commissioners and submitted to Governor Kate Brown. In summary, the letter argued against state mandates and for local control. This was a step in the right direction, with many of us thanking them for doing so. Unfortunately, most of us believed that it was just a political move to satiate their constituents. In my comments, I inquired as to what the Commission was willing to do when the letter was inevitably ignored.

On 8/12, in an emergency meeting, we got our answer. The Commission met to vote on the statewide indoor mask mandate that Governor Brown had announced two days prior which was set to go into effect that Friday. Commissioners Melissa Cribbins and John Sweet, despite signing their name to that letter, voted to follow all the state mandates. Commissioner Main voted against following the mandates.

Now, I know that some will take this as a sign that Commissioner Main is on our side. He has been the most well-informed and is certainly the most “conservative” member of the Commission. Some in our circles want to work with him in hopes he will come over even more to our side. I cannot endorse this tactic. Commissioner Main has proven many times that he is a political animal, willing to vote whichever way the wind blows.

People on our side need to pull their heads out of the sand and understand how the majority of politicians operate. In my opinion, the only reason Commissioner Main voted no, was because he knew the other two Commissioners were voting yes. When a vote is already lost, politicians will “take a stand” to virtue signal to their constituents. The truth is, Bob Main’s vote meant absolutely nothing and took absolutely no courage. He knew he had already lost.

On a more important note though, the other two Commissioners are up for election soon. John Sweet is nothing but a RINO. Melissa Cribbins is a progressive-lite. They MUST be replaced. At least one person on our side has talked of running against them. Elections have consequences and it’s about time for some new blood on the Coos County Commission.

The next Coos County Commissioners meeting is on 8/17 @ 8:30am (Owen Building, 201 N. Adams St., Coquille, OR). Our local groups plan to put a large amount of pressure on the Commissioners at this meeting. Please be there.

-Matt Wilbanks (Editor @

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