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Did police invite protesters into U.S. Capitol Building?

Last updated on March 5, 2023

I don’t know quite what to make of this. When I saw this first video I kind of brushed it off, thinking it must have been out of context.

Today I ran into even more videos which seem to confirm that police DID let protesters into the Capitol Building. Here we have an officer waving people toward the building.

This next one is a bit strange. At the beginning, you clearly see protesters fighting with police, but at the very end you can tell the video was taken by protesters who were already inside the building. Did they let them in one side yet fight with them at the front? This makes no sense.

I saved the best one for last. Not only are these cops letting protesters into the building, but one cop says something to them along the lines of “We disagree with it but we respect the…”. The rest of his sentence is cut off due to noise, but he and his fellow officers are clearly allowing them into the building. Make of it what you will.


  1. Tim Mcdonald Tim Mcdonald January 11, 2021

    Was totally convinced this was a set up out the gate to give them the ammunition to do exactly what they are doing right now… it is a travesty…

    • Editor Editor Post author | January 11, 2021

      Hard to tell Tim, but I wouldn’t doubt it. The main lesson that we need to learn from this is that everything could be a trap. We have simply got to be smarter about what we do. Falling in traps set by Antifa or the Deep State will not win this war.

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