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FDA finally admits (sort of) that PCR test is unreliable

Last updated on March 5, 2023

The FDA has finally admitted that the PCR test being used to diagnose COVID-19 “cases” has a sizeable risk of false results. Of course, in their press release they try to claim there is a greater chance of false negative results rather than false positive results.

Conveniently, they fail to make any mention the number of PCR “cycles” being vitally important in whether a test is reliable or not. Dr. Fauci has admitted that anything over 35 cycles is unreliable. 42-45 cycles are commonly used during PCR testing in the United States. Almost every testing center fails to list the number of cycles used when they send a test result to a patient.

Dr. Fauci recently admitted exaggerating the percentage of people that would need to be infected for herd immunity to be reached. Fauci, the WHO and the FDA have now admitted that PCR is unreliable for clinical diagnosis (as its inventor Dr. Kary Mullis previously stated). Why does anyone continue to believe a word coming out of the mouths of any of these people?

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