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Glad (once again) that I don’t live in Portland

We should all thank God that we don’t live in Portland. The Rose City has now had 53 murders in 2020, the most since 1993 when there were 54.

I don’t generally believe in “crime prevention”. I think the primary purpose of the police are to capture those who commit crime and make sure they see their day in court. On the other hand, when you cut police patrols, let domestic terrorists infest your city, then refuse to prosecute them, don’t be surprised when criminals feel free to murder people in your city.

Ted Wheeler is one of the most ineffectual mayors of any major city in the United States. He is so obsessed about pleasing both sides that he flip-flops back and forth between condemning and supporting enforcement of the law. He thinks he can appease everyone. Meanwhile his city is turning into a s**thole. He is just the latest in a long line of weak leaders.

When I was a kid, I enjoyed going to Portland. It usually meant a day away from school and let us visit places that didn’t exist in our small town in Yamhill County. Pre-9/11 Portland was a different place. It’s been Democratically controlled for 40+ years, but they seemed to be Democrats of the polite type. Not anymore. Their “tolerance” has turned the city into a free-for-all. My recommendation? Don’t visit Portland without a gun. I don’t.

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