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Resources for North Bend School Board Meetings

Last updated on March 5, 2023

Since our side was vastly outnumbered at the last North Bend School Board meeting, I wanted to provide these resources to hopefully increase our turnout next time.

The schedule for NBSB meetings is located here:

The agendas and links to videos of prior meetings are located here:

and here:

The video from the 8/26/2021 meeting is also currently posted at the top of the Daily Resister front page.

Based on the schedule, the next regular board meeting should be 9/16/2021 in the North Bend City Council Chambers.

The next work session should be 9/30/2021 at the North Bend School District Office.

I urge everyone to attend both, as the two resolutions against Critical Race Theory and mask mandates from the 8/26 meeting were tabled and are supposed to be discussed in more detail at the work session. Most people don’t attend the regular meetings, let alone the work sessions. Don’t let them ram their agenda through without your input.

-Matthew Wilbanks (Editor @

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