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The Insanity of the Oregon Lockdown

By this point, we all know about the new two week COVID-19 lockdown that has been mandated by our illustrious Governor Kate Brown. I was reading what is/isn’t allowed as laid out by her Executive Order and thought I would do a short article on just how insane it all is. Let’s look at mandates one by one and examine their illogic and inconsistencies.

Limiting social get-togethers (indoors and outdoors) to no more than six people, total, from no more than two households.

Ok, so the basic restriction is a limit of 6 people? We will use this as a starting point to discuss the other restrictions.

Limiting faith-based organizations to a maximum of 25 people indoors or 50 people outdoors.

Why the difference from the first restriction? If COVID will spread in your house with more than 6, it will certainly spread in a church with more than 25.

Limiting eating and drinking establishments to take-out and delivery only.

Wait a minute, why can’t a restaurant have 6 (or 25) people inside? I’m pretty sure eating is every bit as important as religious freedom. Restaurants are obsessive about cleaning as well.

Closing gyms and fitness organizations.

Same thing, why can’t a gym have 6 (or 25) people inside? They are just as obsessive about cleaning as restaurants. Maybe we should hold exercise sessions in church, then we could have 25 people. I didn’t realize COVID could tell what type of building it was in and change its spread accordingly.

Closing indoor recreational facilities, museums, indoor entertainment activities, and indoor pools and sports courts.

Closing zoos, gardens, aquariums, outdoor entertainment activities, and outdoor pools.

These two restrict pretty much any indoor or outdoor recreation activity. I’m sure they will justify this one by claiming recreation isn’t necessary. More businesses destroyed.

Limiting grocery stores and pharmacies to a maximum of 75% capacity and encouraging curbside pickup.

This one is just a joke. I haven’t seen a single grocery store keeping a headcount since the end of the first lockdown. They enforce mask rules obsessively, but social distancing and capacity not so much. There have been several documented outbreaks at Wal-Mart stores because of employees spreading the virus via the time clock.

Limiting retail stores and retail malls (indoor and outdoor) to a maximum of 75% capacity and encouraging curbside pickup.

Hold on one damned minute! So clothing stores, book shops, antique malls, etc. are allowed to stay open with the same capacity limit as grocery stores? Well, there goes any argument that the grocery store limit is because of necessity. I’m sure everyone will be glad to hear they can still go to the mall.

Closing venues (that host or facilitate indoor or outdoor events).

Requiring all businesses to mandate work-from-home to the greatest extent possible and closing offices to the public.

I won’t bother covering mandates 9 and 10 since they are so vague.

Prohibiting indoor visiting in long-term care facilities (outdoor visitation permitted for supporting quality of life).

Mandate 11 is the only one that makes sense and will have any effect. Those in care homes are the most vulnerable to COVID and should be protected.

But wait, there’s more!

The Two-Week Freeze does not apply to or change current health and safety protocols for personal services (such as barber shops, hair salons, and non-medical massage therapy), congregate homeless sheltering, outdoor recreation and sports, youth programs, childcare, K-12 schools, K-12 sports currently allowed, current Division 1 and professional athletics exemptions, and higher education — all of which can continue operating under previous guidance issued by the Oregon Health Authority.

Yes! You read that right. Division 1 and professional athletics are allowed to continue during the new lockdown. Well thank heavens, what would we all do if we couldn’t watch the Ducks and Beavers play a meaningless game during the lockdown? Surely it’s not possible to spread the virus amongst a giant group of people running, shoving and tackling each other. Don’t worry! Our universities will continue to rake in millions of dollars from intermural sports while small businesses go under left and right.

Can you see the insanity above? If so, why are you still putting up with it?

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