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The Most Important Post I’ll Ever Make

Last updated on March 5, 2023

Merry (almost) Christmas to everyone! I hope you all get at least some enjoyment this holiday, despite our politicians and other moral busybodies trying to kills us, in one way or another. Warning, this post is to ask for your assistance, which I know might be hard at this time. There isn’t much that I hate more than asking for help, especially of the monetary sort, but after what’s happened in 2020 I decided I need to make a change. So, let me give you the (long) backstory before I get into what I have planned for this website.

On July 17th 2020, I lost my job of 13 years due to what my new boss told me was “departmental restructuring”. I won’t mention where I worked, other than it was in private security. Needless to say, I was pretty pissed. Even more so when my exact position was filled by someone else just a few months later. “Restructuring” my ass. Rant over.

As you can expect, losing a job you had spent that long at comes as quite a shock, leaving one to try to figure out what to do next. I pretty quickly decided that I had had enough of “working for the man” and wanted to do my own thing. I’ve always hated politics (as any normal man should), but I’m also an ornery bastard that gets fed up with others telling him what to do for no legitimate reason at all. Politics sucks, but you ignore it at your own peril.

I decided that since I’m pretty good at annoying those in authority, why not try to do it full time? At the end of October I registered this URL and started building the website. It’s nothing fancy, just a dedicated WordPress host with a basic news theme. The idea was this, combine the news aggregation of Drudge Report, my own local reporting and a bunch of political activism.

If you’ve read my first few posts, you’ll know the The Daily Resister is based in Coos County, Oregon. Most of my reporting and activism is centered here and occasionally the rest of Oregon. The news aggregation covers the whole of the United States, focusing on those articles that are not normally covered by the mainstream media. Here in Coos County, we basically have one newspaper, one TV station and one talk radio station. The first two are trash and pretty much just regurgitate Associated Press articles. Their own local reporting is usually pathetic and rarely asks the hard questions. Our talk radio station KWRO is the only one worth a damn. Make sure you check out The Rob Taylor Report on KWRO. Rob is one of the few who speak the truth around here and just might be more ornery than I.

Building readership of a website is a slow process. Rob has helped immensely by mentioning it on his radio show. I’ve had business cards printed, handed them out at rallies/protests and even begun putting them on windshields. My friends have told their friends. One thing I am adamantly opposed to is taking on advertisers. For one, most of the online ad companies push progressive politics and actively seek to de-platform people like me. Second, I refused to promote products that I don’t believe in. Third, ads are annoying as hell to my viewers. I won’t completely rule out “sponsorships” in the future, but if it happens it will be for products I truly support and will be as minimally invasive as possible.

Over the last few years I’ve paid close attention to crowd funding. Many internet commandos blast those who ask for money as little better than street beggars, but the capitalist in me began to realize it’s the most honest form of fundraising available. A person creates something, gives it to others with no strings attached, then asks for voluntary monetary support from those who enjoyed what they received. Let me make this clear, The Daily Resister will ALWAYS be free to you. No pay wall, no BS.

Of course, that leads me to my request. I probably have the funding to continue doing this for another 3 months. Being a disabled veteran, I have a bit of income, but not enough to sustain this long-term. The truth is, this whole thing just won’t work if I have to get a full-time job again. I want my full-time job to be advocating rightful liberty, freedom and justice for all of you. Most of us don’t have the luxury to attend city council meetings, protests, etc. all the time. We have to work to support ourselves and our families, just like I’ve had to do the past 20 years. In that time I’ve never once been unemployed (until now). I’m asking all of you to help me do this.

Every day (usually several times a day) I update the website with news articles, videos and links to other blogs doing excellent work. My main focus right now is on election integrity, COVID-19 and the violence committed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. As often as possible I try to attend rallies/protests (by our side or the other) and local political meetings, filming them so you have an unfiltered view of what is going on. These videos are then posted to my Youtube channel and featured in the sidebars of the website. You will also see editorials written by me (and possibly others) along with events that I’ve helped organize. I’m even considering starting a podcast.

If you enjoy what you see on The Daily Resister, please consider supporting us monetarily. Right now, the only way I have of doing this is through my P.O. Box. I consider this the best because it’s anonymous and not dependent on some woke tech company. The address is:

The Daily Resister

P.O.Box 1372

Coos Bay, OR 97420

I’m going to look into other funding sources such as Paypal, Patreon, etc. but am worried about the viability of those going forward, especially with the bias toward sites like this. Paypal donations may be the way to go since people can sign up for recurring donations which saves everyone time and allows me to actually budget things. I will make additional posts if I decide to add any more funding options.

As of today, the site is getting about 60 unique visitors per day. No, that’s not a lot (at all), but it’s better than the zero I was getting two months ago and the 20 I was getting two weeks ago. Citizen Free Press recently did their first fundraising drive after two years of operation. They indicated that it took them 4 months to break 1000 visitors per day, and they’re now getting 1.4 million per day. I have no illusions that The Daily Resister will reach that, but all I can do is try.

Thanks you to everyone who has visited so far. The fight will only get harder in 2021. Libertas Vel Mors!

**EDIT** I’ve now added a donation button in the left sidebar of the main page. You can donate from your Paypal account or with a credit/debit card if you don’t have Paypal. There is also a Paypal link in the top right corner with the rest of my social media icons.

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