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They’re coming for us all

Last updated on March 5, 2023

The title of this post isn’t hyperbole. Even if you’ve never attended a rally, are generally apolitical and consider yourself a “normie”, they’re still coming for you. If you’re already awake to what is going on, then you have a duty to wake up your friends and family.

Never before has this country seen such a broad-spectrum attack on free speech and association. We have allowed massive multi-national corporations to have an effective monopoly on communications. Those corporations and the woke authoritarians running them have unilaterally decided to take away your rights.

I don’t want to hear one more spineless “conservative” tell me that they are privately owned and can ban anyone they want from their platform. If you believe this, you are a fool of the highest order. Thomas Jefferson quite clearly defined where one person’s rights end and others begin.

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action... | Inspirational Quote by Thomas  Jefferson

If someone bought up every property surrounding yours, then refused to let you cross their “private property”, anyone would view this an an infringement of your rights. Your property is worthless if you can’t access it. These are the types of issues that small constitutional government exists to prevent, and exactly the reason I am not an anarchist. The only legitimate purpose of government is to ensure the rights of its citizens. Monopolies cannot be allowed to stand.

Let’s look at a few of the things the tech monopolies are doing. Immediately after the events at the U.S. Capitol on 1/6, Apple and Google demanded that Parler moderate their users more strongly, saying that if they did not, the Parler app would be removed from their stores. Parler refused and the app was removed by both. This is bad, but you could still log into Parler through a web browser. A couple days later, Amazon joined in the attack and canceled Parler’s web hosting through AWS (Amazon Web Services). Parler saw this coming and contacted other hosting companies, but as far as I know has been rebuffed by all. You heard that right. Parler has been effectively banned from the entire internet by a cabal of cooperating tech companies.

At the same time, Twitter permanently banned President Trump then began to go after the accounts of his supporters. They purged so many accounts, their stock took a 7% hit due to fears they were losing their stranglehold on social media. Before Parler was taken down, they began to trend #1 on the app stores because people were leaving Twitter in droves. After the Parler ban, Signal and Telegram took over the top spots. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was so happy at the demise of Parler, he tweeted this (you’re damn right I responded to him).

The episode of The Joe Rogan Podcast I referred to aired back on 3/5/2019. In it, Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde (Twitter Global Lead for Legal, Policy, and Trust and Safety) faced off against Tim Pool regarding accusations that they have a double standard and actively go after right wing people, while leaving the left wing alone. To sum up, Tim Pool destroyed them. Their lies are even more clear today.

I want to go back and talk about Amazon Web Services for a bit. When most people think of Amazon, they think it’s just an online store. Many don’t realize that AWS is the largest cloud hosting service in the world. If you have a website and don’t run your own dedicated server, there is a good chance AWS is actually hosting you. Many smaller web hosts use AWS in their back end. They also have huge contracts with the DoD, CIA, DHS and NASA. When AWS bans you, it’s not easy to fight back.

Facebook hasn’t neglected the dog pile either. They have also banned President Trump “indefinitely”. When the election fraud claims began, they banned the hashtag #stopthesteal. They’ve now gone further and are actively looking for the phrase “Stop the Steal” in all postings in an attempt to purge discussion of it from their site. Most recently, they deleted the entire “Walk Away” group that was dedicated to encouraging people to leave the Democratic Party. This group had approximately 500,000 members and was fully moderated, meaning each post had to be approved before it was posted. This ensured no calls for violence or other violations of Facebook policy. Facebook banned them anyway. Half a million people silenced with the press of a key.

Just today, GoDaddy, another large web host who uses AWS, canceled the account for Arfcom, as it is affectionately know, is the largest firearms discussion forum on the internet and was recently purchased by Brownells, one of the largest online firearms and accessories dealers. Luckily, Arfcom had a backup web host, but who knows how long that will last? Speaking of online firearms dealers, they’ve been under attack for years, mainly by banks refusing to do business with them. I just heard rumors today that these attacks are about to ramp up again. It’s hard to sell guns online when no one will process payments for you.

Last example, and this one is a doozy. Cumulus Media, parent company of Westwood One, just sent out a letter to its employees that any more talk of election theft would result in termination. Westwood One syndicates Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin and Dan Bongino, among others. You heard it right, one of the giants of conservative talk radio has effectively banned their hosts from talking about election fraud.

That gets me to the crux of this article. How exactly is it that they’re coming for you? Instead of trying to amend the Bill of Rights, they are having the corporations do it for them. Free speech is no good if you’re banned from every medium of communication. The right to keep and bear arms is no good if they drive all the gun stores out of business. Your right to petition your government for redress of grievances is no good if you can’t even enter a legislative building. Your right of commerce is no good if banks refuse to open an account for you.

We are all going to be cut-off, isolated and left out in the cold if we don’t do something about this. They are coming for us all and it will only become more apparent in the next few months.

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