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Trump is right, shut it all down

Earlier this week, President Trump refused to sign the 5,593 page spending bill passed by Congress. The bill contains a new COVID-19 relief package, $1.4 trillion in government funding and some very interesting line items that the general public may not realize. Here is a breakdown of some of the additional pork:

$25 Million for Pakistan gender programs
$1.4B for Asia Reassurance Initiative Act
$250M in Palestinian aid
$85M to Cambodia
$700M to Sudan
$135M to Burma
$130M to Nepal

The President blasted legislators for sending money to other countries while giving only $600 to each American. He demanded that the pork be removed and the individual payments be increased to $2000.

U.S. Families, Economy, Government in Limbo as Trump Remains Mum on Covid-19 Aid Bill

Covid-19 Aid Bill Remains Uncertain as Trump Calls for Larger Payments

Now look, I am no fan of the government just handing money out, whether it is for COVID-19 relief or not. We don’t have this money to spend. It’s being created out of thin air and WILL result in inflation down the road. On the other hand, President Trump is completely correct about the pork. You don’t send aid to foreign countries while your own people are dying and losing their jobs/businesses.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve never been a huge fan of President Trump. Not because I like the Democrats, but because I don’t believe he has done enough. When examining politics, I don’t think in terms of supporting people. I support actions and principles. People do good things and people do bad things. When President Trump threw his support behind Red Flag laws and the Bump-stock ban, I called him out on it. In the case of vetoing this bill, I completely support him. It’s not about Trump, it’s about right and wrong.

So, what will happen if President Trump doesn’t sign this bill? Congress could override his veto. Congress could amend it and ask him to sign the new one. Congress could sit on it until Biden possibly takes office and have him sign it. In the meantime a few things are going to happen.

First, the payments to individuals will be on hold. Second, all the additional programs to help out businesses will be on hold as well. More of them will close and not reopen. Third, the additional unemployment that expired on 12/26 will not be renewed. Honestly, this one affects me the most since I’ve been unemployed since July. My benefits run out this week. Without the extension I’m going to be hurting.

But guess what? I still support President Trump’s decision. Even though it means no $600 (or $2000) for me. Even though I will lose my unemployment benefits. I support it because it’s the right thing to do. I was elated the last few times we had government shutdowns. A shutdown might mean losing benefits, but it also means no politicians passing new laws and bureaucrats getting in the way of private industry. In my opinion, that’s a good thing.

**EDIT** Well that was good timing on my part. President Trump just relented and signed the bill anyway. From what I’m hearing he was promised by Senate leadership they would work on the additional $1400 (for $2000 total) separately. Too bad all the pork got left in though.

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