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What is The Daily Resister?

Welcome to The Daily Resister! Who exactly are we?

We are an independent, privately owned outlet for factual news and resistance to all forms of authoritarianism, based on the Southern Oregon Coast. We believe in ethics in reporting, personal responsibility and American exceptionalism. We are against all forms of Socialism (yes, that means both Fascism and Communism).

Our goal is to provide contrarian views and inconvenient facts that are becoming increasingly censored by mainstream news agencies and social media. Americans do not need intermediaries to “fact check” or filter what information they are allowed to see. An informed populace must be able to divide truth from fiction. Freedom is not a sport for the lazy or those who can’t be bothered to investigate an issue for themselves.

This site and our profiles on social media will be used to present a variety of content, including original reporting, news aggregation (i.e. Drudge Report) and local political activism. Our policy is to promote ideas, not people. Any posting of outside content is not meant to be a blanket approval of the content creators themselves. We will NEVER endorse a particular political candidate, only report on their actions. Any opinion piece will be properly labeled as an “Editorial” or ‘Letter to the Editor”.

Thanks for visiting!

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