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Where do we sit now that we’ve lost Georgia?

Last updated on March 5, 2023

As I write this, approximately 99% of precincts have reported in the two Georgia runoff elections for U.S. Senate. Currently, Raphael Warnock (D) has taken a lead of about 30k votes over Kelly Loeffler (R). David Perdue (R) holds about a 1k vote lead over John Ossoff (D) but we can pretty much guarantee that lead will disappear as the absentee ballots are counted. Election officials have already stated they don’t expect to announce the final numbers until at least noon tomorrow.

I’m not going to get into whether the Democrats stole another election, we have to wait for any evidence to come out. We need to deal with the reality of losing these two seats right now. Let’s look at the current composition of the U.S. Senate and how this changes things:


51 Republicans

46 Democrats

2 Independents (both caucus with the Democrats)

There are 100 total seats. The above only totals 99 because one of the two Georgia seats is technically unfilled right now since Perdue’s previous term expired on January 3rd. Now let’s look at the composition after losing these two seats:


50 Republicans

48 Democrats

2 Independents (both caucus with the Democrats)

Before you say anything, no, you can’t have a tie in the Senate. If any Senate vote results in a tie, then the Vice President is the tie breaker. If the certification of electors tomorrow goes as expected, the VP will be Kamala Harris. In effect, the Democrats will have a simple majority and can pass pretty much anything they want.

Unless a miracle happens tomorrow, we will have a Democrat President, Democrat Vice President, and Democratic control of both the House and the Senate. Get ready for more pork-filled COVID-19 relief bills AND gun control bills. Trump, who gave the ATF the go-ahead to ban bump stocks, has paved the way for Biden to reclassify semi-automatic rifles and make them NFA items.

Tomorrow should be interesting, but I’m warning you all, be prepared for what’s coming. I already planned to fight twice as hard if Trump won reelection. Now we will have to fight four times as hard.

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